Hi, you have come to the website of 3D artist Mikko Liimatainen.

There's new stuff out there from me, but I haven't got around to pushing it out on the site so I can tweak them forever and ever. You can ask for the new stuff by throwing me mail at mikko.liimatainen at mikkoliimatainenart.com or by taking a seat and waiting for them to pop up. Sending message through LinkedIn (link top of the site) works as well. Facebook and I broke up few years ago so that link is dead - anyone who is there is not me.

I'm currently working on personal projects for portfolio fillings. Site will be updated after I have got around to the 2020 animation reel. Until then you can view some of the animations I did at Seriously at Gonzalo's website:


Be sure the click the images to play the animations and look at the stuff he has done. Better than hanging out this husk of a website am I right?

Here's a shader experiment from 2019.

Lava shader for unity. Takes information from vertex colors of a model (2nd image) to blend textures of varying intensity of hot goodness (first gif).

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